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What is WEB iAuth?

WEB iAuth, an extension of our traditional check verification solution, is the most cost-effective check verification and risk control system in the industry, developed specifically for small businesses. WEB iAuth allows business owners to verify a check quickly and easily online, in real-time without the expense of new equipment or IT resources. All that's needed is access to the internet.

With WEB iAuth, merchants have the ability to determine and manage their own risk parameters, whether it's stricter limits and restrictions on unknown check writers or looser ones for their good, known customers, via a nationwide negative/positive database.

What is a negative/positive database?

If a consumer writes a check that is returned for any reason, they are reported to the leading national negative databases (SCAN & NCN). This allows merchants who utilitze a check verification system to reference those databases for negative information on a check writer. Thus, if a customer wrote a bad check at a local grocery store and then tries to write another one elsewhere, that merchant will be notified immediately and can decide to accept or decline that customers check.

FEDChex has also built an extensive database over the the last decade that includes negative and positive information, providing a nationwide network of over 190 million records. This enables merchants to know their customers better, the good as well as the not-so-good, so they can build better relationships with those good customers (via loyalty programs, discounts, special offers, etc.) and apply stricter acceptance policies to those that are unknown and/or may be a risk.

With FEDChex’s Loss & Recovery solution, the ease, cost savings and safety of accepting checks has made it our preferred payment method”, said Carrol Cox , CFO of Foodarama. “The ability to control and change velocity parameters as circumstances change is an incredible benefit.” He adds, “Our primary goal at Foodarama is to always provide the best possible service to our customers. FEDChex’s emphasis on excellent customer support ensures that we and our customers receive a level of care that meets Foodarama’s high standards."

Carrol Cox
Cox's Foodarama


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