At FEDChex, we offer a wide range of payment solutions that dramatically reduce overall payment expenses and streamline the payment process for both you and your customers. With FEDChex’s specialized services, we can guarantee you secure and predictable payment processing while minimizing costs. Our solutions—including ACH services, customer debit payments, payment verification, and more—allow us to effectively service our clients nationwide, from Fortune 500 companies to much smaller organizations. Each of our services integrates with our customized product suite to give you maximum flexibility in setting up and maintaining your payment systems.

Take a look through our list of services and see why we’re a leader in payment solutions.

Check Verification

We can proudly say that our payment verification and risk control system is currently the most flexible and expandable of its kind. With iAuth, we can tell you the risk of accepting a payment from each of your customers, lowering costs due to fraud and bad checks after payment acceptance.

ACH & Conversion

Our Automated Clearing House (ACH) system provides a safe, reliable method to move money electronically. Used by 95 percent of U.S. financial institutions, this service allows you to eliminate printing hard-copy checks and drafts, and also informs you of returned checks 3-5 days earlier than traditional methods.

Remote Deposit Capture

Deposit customer checks more efficiently with our electronic deposit system, which allows for one method for all check deposits. Our system also makes deposited funds available on a same-day timeframe and can consolidate all returned checks, creating a more streamlined system for returning bad checks.


Our Lockbox Solutions allow you to process payments much faster and at a dramatically reduced cost compared to traditional financial institutions. Along with customizing each Lockbox system to your unique needs, we also provide extra services such as printed statements and check conversion to IRD or ACH, making it a true value-added service.

Decoupled Debit

FEDChex’s xcelone system lowers the costs and risks associated with customer loyalty cards, allowing you to pass these costs savings on to your most valued customers. It can be integrated with your existing loyalty program or used to create a new program from scratch. Cards can be issued at the store, saving time and money for both you and your customers.

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