Lockbox is a value-added service that companies utilize to improve cash flow and streamline payments at a much lower cost than what is provided by traditional financial institutions. FEDChex’s Lockbox is customized for its clients and provides extra services such as printed statements and check conversion to IRD or ACH. FEDChex also manages returns via electronic recovery and traditional collections, a patented treasury management service combined with the industry’s only consumer-centric, electronic loss prevention system and boasts higher than industry-average recovery rates.


Lockbox Benefits

  • Accelerates cash flow through improved availability of funds
  • Maximizes investment opportunity and minimizes borrowing expense
  • Minimizes processing cost of receivables
  • Eliminates processing delays during peak periods
  • Automates accounts receivable posting process
  • Increases security of receipts
  • Enhances audit control


  • No monthly fees-lower per item cost than traditional financial institutions
  • Customized to accommodate specific merchant needs
  • Option to include printed deposit/balance statements
  • Streamlined payments via check conversion to IRD or ACH
  • Collection services managed by FEDChex’s unique Recovery system




  • Electronic Transaction Association
  • Electronic Check Council
  • Lend Foundry
  • Associate
  • Western Payments Alliance
  • The Electronic Payments Association
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