Remote Deposit Capture - The Check 21 Solution for Merchants

FEDChex has partnered with Wausau Financial Systems to offer a robust Remote Deposit Capture solution which offers an innovative approach to check truncation via ACH and Check 21. Utilizing new Federal legislation while leveraging the power and flexibility of FEDChex's ACH processing system, this service offers merchants the quickest time to deposit without the headaches of point-of-sale truncation. This RDC platform is further expanded with FEDChex's Balanced Consolidated Returns (BCR) and Electronic Check Re-presentment solutions (also known as RCK). These components allow for consolidated returns, which will result in a faster and more efficient return of bad checks.

Merchants adopting the solution will benefit from an additional re-presentment on top of the standard number allowed by their banks. Under this model merchants are not charged for check re-presentment, and once collected, merchants receive 100% of the face value of the check.


  • One method for all check deposits. Check, Lockbox, WEB, and TEL all managed identically in a centrally managed account
  • Accept and deposit business checks electronically
  • Eliminate sweep accounts, consolidated return accounts, and field deposit accounts
  • Full reporting and reconciliation based on merchant requirements with no impact to existing processes
  • Secure direct access to all deposit information down to the individual check images on demand 24x7


  • Reduction of total depository expense and banking fees
  • Same-day credit on deposits/accelerated funds availability
  • No change to check acceptance procedures
  • Accelerated notification of returns
  • Seamless integration with RCK-collections process
  • Reduction of corporate risk and employee liability



         Contact us for more info

Contact us for more info

FEDChex's RDC System:

Remote Deposit Capture

  • Works with any U.S. Bank
  • Complies with all NACHA and federal rules and regulations
  • Fast and easy implementation
  • Customized to meet your existing operational requirements
  • Fully integrated within the FEDChex product suite


Cox Foodarama

"At Foodarama, our primary goal is to always provide the best possible service to our customers. FEDChex’s approach to payments and consumers fully supports that goal," said Carroll Cox, CEO and Founder of Cos’s Foodarama. "I’ve been victim to a lot of vendor promises, but in all my years in the industry, I’ve never before seen a company who delivered everything they promised before they received one bit of our business. FEDChex has earned our trust by proving what they can do."





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